Sunday, December 07, 2014

James Franco, hosting SNL, opens by making fun of Sony hack

James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live on NBC Saturday, December 6m showing up with a buzz cut.

Franco started out his monologue by making fun of the hack, apparently associated with North Korea, on Sony Pictures, which made and will distribute the Chrisrtmas Day release of the film he made with Seth Rogen, “The Interview” (directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen), where he plays a journalist interviewing the North Korean “king” and is tasked by the CIA to, well, take him out.  All fiction, right?

IMDB gives more on his and Rogen's appearance on SNL here.  Al Sharpton was also mocked (CNN video).  But NBC actually cut one skit from airing ("the white of an egg", etc), here according to CNN. 

I’ve found out in my own life that sometimes people take fiction as future fact.  Look at what happened when I was a substitute teacher over my 2005 screenplay “The Sub”.
Franco has become one of Hollywood’s more charismatic figures, hosting an academy awards, and with a variety of controversial roles, such as the hiker who had to cut his arm off, yet sometimes directing unusual films, such as one about gay leather bars.  
Someday I'll have to get to be in the SNL audience, but it takes real work!

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