Tuesday, December 09, 2014

NBC and Tom Brokaw tell "Unbroken: The Real Story" regarding Universal's Christmas Day epic directed by Angelina Jolie

Tonight NBC News presented a preview of the Universal picture “Unbroken”, with the documentary “Unbroken: The Real Story”.
Tom Brokaw interviews Angelina Jolie, the director, and gets into personal issues:  her decision to have preventive mastectomy and reconstruction, which has launched a new medical trend.  Now she faces a decision with an inherited tendency toward ovarian cancer.  I thought, I am solo, and could never get back on my feet if I had to stop to do something like this when I don’t have symptoms.  My momentum keeps me going at 71.  In medicine, less is more.  Brokaw also asked Jolie if she would go into politics (“public service”). 

Brokaw interviewed book author Laura Hillenbrand (she had written “Seabiscuit).  (The screenplay is written with Joel and Ehan Coen.) I thought, you have to have your own writing about your own issues completely done before you can write about others.  At least that’s what I find with myself.  Hillenbrand, who lives in Washington, DC, says she has medical issues that make it difficult for her to travel.  I have found it more taxing to do complicated travel in recent years and maintain all my work, but I need to get through this.  I need to “be there” and “experience” to “report it”.  Someday, I really do need to see Russia and China, somehow.

The show mentioned the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum at a pier in Manhattan.  How about the Rose Science Center?

The epic film will tell the story of Louis Zamperini, who entered the 1936 Olympics and was shot down in the Pacific during World War II and kept prisoner by the Japanese, and actually thought lost or dead for some time. 

Here is NBC Today Show’s link for tonight’s documentary.  
The film starts Christmas Day.


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