Sunday, January 11, 2015

ABC 20-20 crime story reports on a not-guilty verdict in NC, a change of pace from what Dateline usually does

ABC 20-20 on Saturday night covered the case of the murder of Lucy Johnson in Gaston County, NC. In 2008.  The episode was called “The Burning Bed”, and (in 2008) the victim was already dead when her house burned.   The link for the episode is here.  The show was originally aired in June 2014.  Johnson had worked as a nurse and was pregnant at the time.   
The report from the main ABC news magazine is different from most in NBC Dateline crime documentaries in that the prime suspect (a man who had been dating her and apparently whose child she had carried) would be acquitted at trial in 2011, so the case is still technically unsolved.
The Charlotte Observer has a report on the trial here
A newspaper in Gastonia describes the broadcast here. There had been conflict with a former husband over custody, visitation, and the like.
Most of these broadcast mysteries deal with nasty domestic situations and local business conflicts.  The “real world” for a lot of people seems to breed a lot of these kinds of jealousies   
Picture:  Light rail in Charlotte, 2011.  Gaston County is just west of Charlotte, maybe 20 miles away, where the mountain foothills start. 

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