Monday, January 19, 2015

CNN twin special reports: "Inside the Paris Attacks" and "The War Within Islam"

Monday night, CNN aired two special half-hour reports, “Inside the Paris Attacks” and “The War Within Islam”.
The first of these emphasized the connections between the shootings at Charlie Hebdo’s, the two police shootings, and the attack on the kosher supermarket in Paris, and gave some background on all three dead suspects, as well as the female at large. 
The second half hour had Chris Cuomo hosting several panelists on the discussions of extremism within Islam.  The guests included Maajid Nawaz, Ruda Jebreal, and Ahmed Shihab-Elden. 
One important point was whether the Quaran endorses the violent “avenging” of Allah.  The answer was no, but there is one verse, in Quran 9:5, that gets taken out of context. The point about images of the prophet where said to be derivative of the Ten Commandments, in which Jehovah forbad all idol worship of any kind (as well illustrated by “The Golden Calf”)  The Quran does not specifically probit blasphemy, but some of the hadith letters do.
There was also discussion of the support by Saudi Arabia for terrorism. The US should use the leverage of its much lower dependence on Mid East oil than in the past even though Europe and China depend on it (although not so much – Russia is a big supplier, and being hurt the most by Saudi overproduction).
There was also mention that the Quran, while allowing conflict, specifically protects non-combatants and honors the general rules of war. 
CNN’s own TV schedule online is often non up to date with the specials it actually aired – a problem.  

Picture: A sunset in southern New Jersey;  the unusual high cirrus clouds make it look like a fireball.  

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