Sunday, January 04, 2015

Shocking death of Daniel seems to predict an end for ABC's "Revenge"

So Daniel (David Bowman) is murdered on the mid-season finale of Revenge (Dec 7, re-aired tonight), after, according to critics, the character had learned to be a “responsible human being”, even if rich and a bit of a parasite. In the end, he was able to sacrifice himself to save Emily, at the end of an episode called “Atonement”. The Hollywood Life story is here
The death is recreated at the beginning of Jan. 4, “Epitaph”.
British actor Josh Bowman is said to have supported the death of his character, but will return in a couple flashbacks.  But it would seem as this overloaded plot (which was quite convincing in the first season) will come to an end. 
Nolan (Gabriel Mann), for all his quirkiness, seems like the most normal and only really stable character in the show – in a 21st Century world.  (Leonardo da Vinci did all right in the 15th Century, and Alan Turing simply won the war.)  Maybe that’s political correctness now.   If you’re slender, you can look twenty years younger.  

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