Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Local DC station WJLA opens cold case crime series, "The Killers Among Us"

WJLA TV in Washington DC is starting a cold-case crime-reporting series “The Killers Among Us” each weekday evening this week in the 11 PM newscast.   The link to the story summaries is here
The series reminds one of Dateline’s crime series on NBC, or of John Walsh’s “America’s Most Wanted”.  But the reports on the local television station will be much briefer.  
Monday night, Feb. 16, the series opened with the story of Myra Cason, a retired teacher in Anne Arundel County in a suburb of Baltimore (Glen Burnie) SE of the city. She had been to a doctor’s appointment and went missing (in January 2011). Some hours after she was expected home, her body was found in a car in a parking lot about three miles away. It is unclear if she played Good Samaritan to someone who turned on her, or was kidnapped as part of a robbery attempt near a shopping mall.
These cases really do sound like matters that John Walsh (on CNN now) should look at, or possibly NBC’s investigative reporting team at Dateline could look at them. Another resource would be ABCs own 20-20 series, which sometimes does crime stories, typically not as detailed as Dateline's or CNN's. 

The Baltimore Sun has a story on the Cason case here, identifying the parking lot, and Baltimore television station WBAL has this report  where police are quotes as saying the perpetrator might have been someone who knew her. 
Although overall crime rates are down, brazen crimes may have increased somewhat since about 2007 since home and retail small business, and particularly personal automobile security systems and cameras have improved, making petty crime less “successful”.  Also, media coverage of these incidents increases because of the Internet. 
WJLA did not list the deaths of Kanika Powell and Sean Green in 2008 as among its cases, but these are among the most disturbing, from Prince Georges County, MD, immediately east of Washington DC. It sounds conceivable that these cases could be related to Jason Thomas Scott, which NBC Datelines explored on Jan. 24, 2015.  It is also possible that they could be related to foreign enemies, a very disturbing idea.  WJLA could consider re-checking all the facts in these cases and adding them to the series, but it requires more detail.  

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