Friday, February 27, 2015

Meredith Vieira interviews former Everwood cast member Scott Wolf

Today (Friday, February 27, 2015), Meredith Vieira interviewed actor Scott Wolf, who had played Dr. Hartmann in the series “Everwood”, mentioned here just yesterday.
They talked about body parts (with some language normally above PG-13), and then did a “Dimple Dash”.  But the main focus of discussion was charging parents with criminal neglect for letting their kids walk alone, even in “safe” neighborhoods.  Meredith said she would have been arrested herself according to current trends. 
I walked to school alone starting in second grade, I think, about a quarter mile each way.  That was normal in those days. 

Studio audiences in these shows look small.  It would be fun to go to one. 
The link for the episode is here

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