Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Modern Family" plays an episode through Apple devices; Reid Ewing returns as Dylan, in a menial job

Tonight’s “Modern Family” episode, “Connection Lost”, may have looked like a demonstration near the Genius Bar in an Apple store.  (Right next to recent images on screens in these stores, alternating a watercolor portrait of teen scientist Jack Andraka, with the bleakest part of the ice planet in Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” – and now “Modern” is probably going to get added to the mix.)
Various characters spoke in images framed by iPhoto (although these moved like they would in iMovie).  Most of the time, they were in some sort of setting that was visually interesting, but horizontally cropped, to be narrower than tall.  The effect was similar to that of Xavier Dolan’s Cinematography in “Mommy” (Movies blog. Feb. 5). 
I even went over to my new MacBook Pro under Yosemite after the show and tried to do something like this in iPhoto, and it froze.  That’s another story;  I didn’t do it right.
Reid Ewing, as the Moonlight Sonata songwriter Dylan Marshall, appeared (after a couple years hiatus – I’m not sure how long), swinging banner signs before a gold shop (they call it "sign spinning").  If you don’t keep moving the sign, you get fired.  I see people do this near apartment complexes leasing to new tenants.  I couldn’t hold a job like this down.

I don’t know if Reid will return permanently.  But in some of his roles (the social media miniseries “The Power Inside”, Sept. 13, 2013, for example) he can indeed seem overpowering and assertive. We'd love to see his own short films ("It's free") get back into circulation online.  In recent months he has been active in animal adoption causes (as with the "Best Friends" in Utah, here).  How does an actor who would presumably have to travel a lot for acting jobs keep the pets in his life?
ABC’s link is here
Mitch and Cam appeared twice, I think.  Maybe Jesse Tyler Ferguson can give a bow-tying lesson.  Anderson Cooper needed one, remember.
The commercial interruptions really disrupt this show.

Update: Feb. 27

Jack Andraka mentions an appearance on Modern Family, as he gives an interview on American ED TV at SXSW in Austin, TX in March 2014, here. I' m not able to tell easily which episode; if someone knows, please comment.

Update:  March 11

Tonight, Cam coaches a high school football team to a come-from-behind 34-31 victory.  I didn't know that Cam does football. 

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