Friday, February 06, 2015

Morgan becomes a Zookeeper on "Inside Man"

Morgan Spurlock’s “Inside Man” last night had Morgan working as an attendant in the Detroit Zoo, “doing what you’re told.”  Jason Kurtz has the notes here

Morgan fed the gorillas fruit and a special cracker through a grating, and then tending to the penguins, where it was helpful to bring your own eggs.   He also fed the gizzly bears. An interesting segment was the echocardiogram given to a gorilla.  These primates have heart disease in captivity, even though fed a proper diet.  But they’re not fed exactly the same plants they could find in Africa.  Maybe romaine lettuce isn’t that good for them.
The Detroit Zoo is booming even though the city is bankrupt.  The elephants were going to be moved, however. 
Later Morgan visited a sanctuary in Oklahoma, where a man bred lions and tigers together to make hybrid “ligers”.  A female employee had lost an arm to one.
He also visited a sanctuary in the desert east of Los Angeles.

In 1982, I spent a weekend with the Sierra Club at a wild animal preserve near Glen Rose, TX. 
Pictures: Smithsonian Zoo in Washington DC;  Detroit downtown, 2012 (mine). 

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