Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Northern Virginia English teacher, with Shakespeare award, on "Jeopardy" tonight

English teacher Colin O’Grady from West Potomac High School in eastern Fairfax County, VA, very near the Alexandria city line off Route 1, appeared on “Jeopardy,”  hosted by Alex Trebek, this evening, as explained in a local newspaper called the Patch, link here. He is competing in the Teachers’ Tournament.
O’Grady did not win this evening. (The answer to the final question was "Bartlett's Quotations", here, and no English teacher knew it!)  However, O’Grady had won the Words in Action award from the American Shakespeare Center. He says his teaching technique involves encouraging students to make up their own interpretations as they act the parts.

I would love to have subbed for him today if indeed I were still working as a substitute teacher, which I am not.  I can say I have moved into content development, which I have.
I worked as a substitute teacher from April 2004 until December 2005 and again for a few months in early 2007.  West Potomac High School, although more distant geographically for me, was one of my favorite destinations, most of all the AP and Honors Chemistry classes which I did often in the spring of 2005.  However, there was a perplexing incident involving my own self-published web content which led me to stop subbing at the end of 2005, at West Potomac in October, involving a number of issues and improbable coincidences.  I have written about this before, and explain it in detail on Wordpress here  particularly the posting on March 6, 2014, that gives all the “forensic” details.  The only way I am ever going to solve a mystery like this is to write a screenplay and make a movie about it, and in fact The West Potomac Incident is a backstory (two layers deep) in my screenplay “Do Ask, Do Tell: Conscripted” which is still “private” but upon which I am now giving a lot of detailed focus before presentation.  Making it producible will take a lot more fastidious attention to detail in the script from me. The Incident is also discussed in Chapter 3 of my third “Do Ask, Do Tell” book (2014) on Amazon. 
Second picture:  A “classic” camp motorcycle movie from the 1960s, from American International, or course.

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