Monday, February 02, 2015

SuperBowl domestic violence ad really did teach something; Katy Perry was great at halftime

Okay, you can watch the NFL Superbowl Halftime show here.
I for one love Katy Perry’s “Roar” (often played on Sirius XM The Blend).  I thought that the terminator lion looked like something out of sci-fi, or maybe even like the Golden Calf from Arnold Schoenberg’s opera “Moses and Aaron”.   Later, of course, came “I kissed a girl”, on the lips, heterosexually yours.
I also thought that the tone of the show recalled the Beijing 2008 Olympics and had a touch of Sochi in the décor.
The end of the game was super, and not fixed.  The deflected completed pass, and the goal line interception, and the food fight afterword seemed a bit scripted, though.

And the commercial on domestic violence was instructive.  How many people know  that women often pretend to be doing something like ordering pizza to fool an abusive partner (usually husband) in the room?  

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