Monday, March 23, 2015

Bill Weir looks at the decreasing population of tigers as he visits India on his Wonder List

Sunday night, Bill Weir added India to his Wonder List, posing some important questions, link here .
First, he asked if India could sustain its population growth (while richer countries have lower birth rates), and increase its standard of living. But then he moved quickly into the middle of the country, into an area with a tiger population, and covered the problem of poaching and declining population of wild tigers.
Much of the poaching serves foreign interests, especially Chinese.  But the local population often supports it, because of misperceptions about tiger attacks on humans. Wikipedia has a factual piece on the problem  There are appropriate ways to behave in an area where tigers live. Most of us feel more empathy for tigers (who are more like "us") than sharks. 
The documentary also covered the damage to the Taj Mahal done over centuries by air pollution.

Wikipedia attribution link for tiger photo (“Flehmen response”) by Sumeet Moghe, link here, under Creative Commons 3.0 Share-Alike license.    

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