Sunday, March 08, 2015

CNN continues "Finding Jesus" with "John the Baptist" and the Temptations

Tonight, CNN aired Episdoe 2 of “Finding Jesus: Fact, Fiction or Forgery”, that is “John the Baptist:  Will DNA Prove Biblical Blood Ties?”, link here
The question is whether John the Baptist is related to Jesus, and whether Elizabeth was really Mary’s “cousin”?  The documentary discussed bone samples found in Bulgaria and a sample housed in a Kansas City museum that may belong to John the Baptist.
But it is the story that is more interesting,  An angel visits Mary, who goes to visit Elizabeth, who also reported such a visit.  What is an angel, in biological terms, anyway?
John was himself a charismatic preacher in his own right.  And, as the documentary indicates, the most interesting stuff happened in the countryside. 
The film re-enacts the baptism of Jesus by John, and they would never see each other again.  John’s speech would eventually get him imprisoned and beheaded – like in the Richard Strauss opera “Salome”.  That’s what happens when people speak out in totalitarian states (whether theocratic or secular), even when they’re right.  The documentary goes into detail as to what John wrote about.  It’s like executing a blogger in any strict Islamic country today.  John would write to Jesus and ask about loving and forgiving his enemies.
The film also documents the temptation of Jesus, by a man in black (sounds like ISIS).  The most provocative is the last temptation, to throw himself of a cliff and be saved by an angel.  A physicist would say, wake up in an alternate universe where he didn’t do it at all, as a result of quantum luck   

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