Monday, March 30, 2015

Roman empress Helena's find of "The True Cross" on "Finding Jesus" on CNN

Sunday night, CNN aired another episode of “Finding Jesus”, called “The True Cross”, about the hunt for remains of the cross upon which Jesus was crucified.  The main link for the episode is here
Much of the episode concerned the effort of Roman empress Helena, in the 4th Century AD, to journey from Rome to Jerusalem and locate the remains of the cross.  She is called the world’s first archeologist.  Her son, Constantine, would become Rome’s first Christian emperor, despite his violence.  He would be baptized at the end of his life as an old man.


The Catholic Herald tells the story of Helena here.   Here’s another story on the relics of the crucifixion.

Oxford will do carbon dating on a relic from the cross, here
Over the centuries, rulers and politicians would trade pieces of holy relics as was of establishing “trust” with others. 

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