Saturday, March 28, 2015

"The Charleston Affair" on NBC Dateline: Police learn of a hit in progress from a routine stop

NBC Dateline on Friday night reran “The Charleston Affair”, a bizarre mystery that started when a police officer pulled over a suspicious vehicle in Charleston, SC, and after arresting the man for an illegal weapon, listed to the man’s story about his connection to hit on a wealthy woman, Nancy Cannon, scheduled for divorce. The title of the episode conjures memories of Rhett Butler. 
Her husband, Chris Latham, an executive with Bank of America, had resisted the alimony part of the divorce
The Charleston Post Courier has the story here
Latham had engaged in an office romance with a “poor” woman from West Virginia and Ohio, who had worked as a stripper, and whose ex-husband had underworld connections.
So the final trial, on them both, dealt with proving a conspiracy, using elaborate high-tech records from cell calls and web searches.  Police are getting better at monitoring Internet activity to detect and solve conspiracies, which walks the privacy line.  Scanning the Cloud could be next.
Nancy’s children were pulled out of school, even from a college in North Carolina, for their own protection.
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Arthur Ravenel Bridge, by BBatsel, link here under Creative Commons 2.5 Generic License.  I rode the bridge with friends in 1990, a Citadel history professor and his wife, family friends.  

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