Monday, March 09, 2015

"The Returned": Canadian remake of French "Les Revenants", offers a lesbian couple, quirky start, great scenery

AE television has premiered its series “The Returned”, a remake an older series in France “Les Revenants”.  It is similar in concept to ABC’s “Resurrection”, which was based on a recent novel titled “The Returned”.  Another possible comparison is USA’s “The 4400”. 
The series is set in a town in the British Columbia Rockies. The scenery reminds one of "Twin Peaks". 
The series pilot, “Camille”, a teenage girl Camille (India Ennenga) has been lost for four years after an accident where a school bus had lost control and fallen off a cliff.  When she returns, she surprises her mother (Tandi Wright), and says she woke up in the woods and walked home for several hours and doesn’t remember the accident.  The episode ends with a more detailed recreation of the accident, where a mysterious little boy stands on the highway curve, shortly after Camille had “gone all the way” with a boyfriend. She calls her husband (Jack Pellegrino), who is at a local bar (which reminds me of a place I visited in Mammoth Lakes, CA in 2012) and just asks him to “come home”. 
The Pilot seemed interested in creating some violent flashbacks for others who will return.
But advanced intelligence indicates that the series will feature a lesbian pair, a doctor Julie Han (Sandrine Holt) and Nikki (Agnes Bruckner) (“After Ellen” story here ) Another TV industry take is here 

The official website is here

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