Thursday, March 05, 2015

USA Network premiers "Dig", with producers from "Homeland" and "Heroes"

Thursday night, the USA Network premiered  (with an 80-minute Pilot, including commercials) its promisingly apocalyptic series, “Dig”, with executive producers from “Homeland” and “Heroes” (Gideon Raff and Tim Kring). 
The beginning out like a typical Irving Wallace novel from the 1960s (especially “The Plot”, which never got filmed as far as I know – I loved the novel when in the Army).  There are isolated stories around the world (a kind of “Babel”).  A boy is raised in mysterious circumstances in New Mexico after learning he was lied to about his parents.  An orthodox Jew raises a red calf in Norway. 
But the main sequence of story concerns an FBI agent Peter Connelly (Jason Isaacs), in Jerusalem to investigate a fugitive in a murder case.  He meets a young redhead (Alison Sudol) working on an archeological dig.  When he investigates the murder victim’s apartment, he find a book by a mysterious author in charge of the dig.  He also finds a curious paper diary with lots of drawings which he keeps – it’s the kind of project book you’d make in grade school.
There’s a great foot chase scene through old Jerusalem near the beginning that introduces many of the particulars.  By the way, the agent sleeps with his boss (Anne Heche).
It’s isn’t too hard to predict that the dig, involving the Ark of the Covenant, is going to lead to some end-times prophesies. And there will be people – religious fighters – very determined to see prophecy carried out. 
The official site is here.

Wikipedia attribution link for photo of Temple Mount by “” (translated from Hebrew) under Creative Commons 3.0 Share Alike license.

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