Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CNN remembers its first 35 years as a cable news network

This evening (Tuesday May 26, 2015), CNN aired a 35-th anniversary special, of its history of special continuous news coverages over the years. At the very beginning, it was called "Chicken Noodle News" when Ted Turner invented it. 
The rescue of Jessica McClure from an oil shaft in Midland, Texas in October 1987 (when I was on vacation in Utah and watched it on TV in a motel) may have been the first long incident that showed the value of cable news.  However, “This is CNN” had covered the attempted assassination of president Reagan in 1981.
The Persian Gulf War in 1990-1991 was the next major event.  Wolf Blitzer had joined the network in May of 1990.  The public got riveted to daily coverage of the war, from the bombing raids on Jan. 17, 1990 (I was entering a Bally’s spa as I first heard that the raids had started), through the end on Feb. 28, 1991.
The 2000 elections may have created the next non-stop event, with the “hanging chads” in Florida, but then the next big thing was 9/11/2001.  The special tonight recreated some of the events of that day, including the collapse of the South Tower.  “There are no words.”
The last segment of the special summarized the week of the Boston Marathon bombings.

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