Saturday, May 16, 2015

NBC Dateline: "The Secret": A college professor gets extradited from overseas for allegedly planning a revenge killing for her rape 20 years before

NBC’s Dateline Friday Night May 15. 2015 is called just “The Secret”, and it shows that prosecution for a crime can happen decades after it happened. 
In this case, respected psychology professor Norma Patricia Esparza, having started a new life, earned a PhD and teaching in Switzerland, was forced to return to Orange County, CA for the death in 1995 of a putative former rapist Gonzalo Ramirez, actually committed by  Gianni Anthony Van, which she was accused of masterminding.  The main NBC video link is here
She eventually took a plea deal for voluntary manslaughter and a six-year sentence (she had turned down a three-year deal), for testimony against Van, a hotel concierge.  But she says she is innocent and did at first want to go to prison for what at worst was a revenge killing for rape.
She had risen out of poverty in her Latino community to become a professor.
The Inquisitr has a story here as does the Los Angeles Times here.

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