Saturday, May 23, 2015

TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" falls to hypocrisy scandal

I took a look at the TLC reality show “19 Kids and Counting”, watching an episode “Schoolhouse Duggars”, link here.  MSN  (along with many others) has reported its (possible) cancellation (or pulling remaining episodes) over a scandal, but as of today episodes are still available online. 

The episode showed the family going to camp in near Big Sandy in East Texas, with the kids learning Spanish and Chinese.  (The family lives in Arkansas.) At one point, a father says that their family is six times as large as the average family in China (because of the old one child per family policy in China for population control a few decades ago. Later they go to a Mexican restaurant and order a meal in “Spanglish”. They talk about connections to El Salvador. They also talk about learning camping skills, and finally college prep skills, but the say they don’t pressure their kids to get degrees, but they have to learn as many “real” skills at home as possible. They have a belief that knowledge comes after wisdom and religious faith.
There are many trailers, like Jill and Derrick, with Jill having baby Dilly by Caesarian after 70 hours of labor and needing a very attentive husband.
I get the feeling that people like me, who compete with them economically without the same kind of sexual commitment (or capacity for it) are a problem for them.

One of the issues that comes up with large families, is that older siblings learn to take care of the younger, even though "they're not my children."  Dr. Phil has covered that issue a few times, especially with the Octomom, when he asked for "volunteers". 
However The Learning Channel seems to have threatened to cancel the series over reports that Josh, now 27, had “molested” girls years before, after the statute of limitations had passed.  Josh has drawn fire for past anti-gay remarks, which would add to hypocrisy. It happens repeatedly, that right-wing leaders have to admit their own sins.  Josh also reportedly resigned from the Family Research Council, which has actually used the idea that fathers surrender male hormones when becoming dads (and attending to pregnant wives) as an argument against gay marriage. 
Picture is from Texas Hill Country, mine, in 2011.

Update: May 26

CNN reports that the remaining episodes were pulled from cable airing.  But TLC has not yet decided to cancel the series entirely. As of tonight, the basic page of video links is still available online at TLC's site. It's possible that existing episodes might remain available. 

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