Tuesday, June 16, 2015

ABC 20-20 airs special report on Washington DC "Mansion Murders" but many more details are still not public to media

On Friday, June 16, 2015, ABC News 20-20 aired a special report on the “DC Manson Murder” of three members of the family of Savvas Savopoulos and the housekeeper in the large home of the “Observatory” area of Washington DC, near the Vice President’s residence and many major embassies. The factual story   on Wikipedia is here.

ABC 20-20 offers many videos and interviews, the best one is probably one dealing with the details of the police investigation and many unanswered questions, link here.   As of June 16, the prime suspect is still Daron Dylan Wint who was arraigned today. Wint was born in Guyana and is a legal non-citizen resident. 
This is a developing story and many more facts from the police investigation and prosecution are likely to be much more public soon.  Washington DC does not have the death penalty under local law, although that can be possible if there were ever federal charges related to terrorism (whether the political motivation is religious or not) , as was the case in Massachusetts.  It is just an odd coincidence that Guyana was the site of Jonestown in 1978.

Update: June 23

CNN did a half-hour segment on the case tonight, as well as on the New York State prison escape.  In the mansion case, Wint's cousin had been fired from American Ironworks in 2005, and apparentlyICE (immigration) wasn't notified of an earlier conviction of Wint for receiving stolen property.  


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