Monday, June 08, 2015

"Becoming Us" on ABC Family: A teenage boy becomes a man while his father becomes a woman

Becoming Us” started tonight on ABC Family, with a Pilot, “Welcome to My World”.  The hour-long episodes let a 16-year-old teenager, Ben, relate his experiences growing up and becoming a man while his dad transitions into becoming a woman. He does have a girl friend.
His “dad” says that her relationship with Ben will be more valid once she transitions completely.  There was a divorce.  It’s not clear whether her “dad” would be heterosexual or lesbian after becoming a woman. 
Her former wife says that she started to develop breasts and male other changes (epilation) before telling her wife that she would transition to female. 
Ben lives in a suburb of Chicago, likes the Cubs.  The docudrama shows some shots of Lake Michigan.
The official site is here. 


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