Friday, June 26, 2015

CNN "The 70s": episodes about Watergate, Vietnam, under Nixon

Thursday night CNN aired episode 3 of “The Seventies: One Nation Under Change” with “Peace with Honor”, about the conclusion of the War in Vietnam (typical link).
Nixon’s bombing raids prompted even more protests and led to Kent State. He visited the troops once in late 1969 (while I was at Fort Eustis) and said we were winning, implementing a mine blockade of the north.  But gradually he developed a peace plan that allowed North Vietnamese soldiers to stay in the South and left the South Vietnamese to defend themselves, which led to the fall of Saigon in 1975, covered by the film.  CNN also covered Nixon’s formal visit to China in 1972, then like another planet.

I got caught up on Episode 2 with “United States v. Nixon”, of course about Watergate, which probably undermined the credibility of the US in Vietnam. 

After I left the Army in February 1970, I worked for RCA for a year, and was assigned in Indianapolis when Kent state happened. I worked for the Navy Department 1971-1972, and was there when Watergate started.  I was not really aware of it until 1973, when I was working for Univac and living in New Jersey and traveling a lot.  I started a job at NBC in New York City on Aug. 12, 1974 and would soon move into the City, so I remember the period well. 

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