Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gregory Smith's career grows with "Rookie Blue" while he experiments with short film

I’m impressed to see the career of (dual citizen) Canadian-American Gregory Smith, now 31, with episodes of “Rookie Blue” on ABC, as with Thursday June 25, with the repeat of the Season 6 premier, “Open Windows”. 
The unit solves some serial burglaries where one of the female officers beat off the attack.
Smith still plays geeky Dov Epstein, the gentle guy who runs everything behind the scenes. 

Gregory Smith had directed episode 6 “Home Run” on June 24 (the day before).  Smith’s turn to directing is quite interesting, including episodes of “Rookie Blue”, “Arrow” and “Saving Hope”.  His first short film is “Method” is also about a police officer. He talks about the short film above, but I haven’t been able to find the actual film online yet.   I still wonder what became of piano prodigy “Ephram”.
Smith’s career growth runs in parallel to Chris Pratt, who co-starred on “Everwood”.  I met them both at an event near Philadelphia in 2005.  Smith says he wants to direct a feature.  (Yes, he knows what the DADT books are.)

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