Saturday, July 04, 2015

"Rediscovering Cuba: A Journey Home" by NBC4's David Culver

News4 (NBC Washington) reporter David Culver reports in a half-hour segment of his own return to Cuba, where he was raised (despite an English name, appearance, and no accent).  The segment was called “Rediscovering Cuba: A Journey Home”.  The link is here.  It could compare to an Anthony Bourdain episode but the tone is more familial, gentler, personal, with no particular emphasis on the food. 
He visits Havana (“The Lost City” with Andy Garcia), and then flies 500 miles to the SE to his home town, more in the Castro "countryside but surprisingly developed.
Cuba is not on the top of my travel list, despite recent opening of diplomatic relations.  Internet access on the island is reportedly poor. 
But the history is important, not only Guantanamo, but the Cuban Missile Crisis, which provides a curious twist in my own life (when I was a “patient” at NIH) back in 1962.

Wikipedia attribution link for CIA map of Cuba 

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