Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chris Cuomo grills Donald Trump on CNN, and Trump has no clear answer to the 14th Amendment on birthright

Wednesday night, CNN offered a special presentation at 9 PM of an interview of Donald Trump by Chris Cuomo.  The link is here.

As usual, Cuomo, himself an attorney, grilled his guest in detail (remember how he handled Amanda Knox).

The weakest part of Trump’s interview seems to be his idea that he can end the “birthright” guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment for children born in this country of undocumented or illegal aliens.  Upon close examination, he has no plan as to how to do it other than some vague power of persuasiveness, or the idea that there is some weakness in this interpretation or implementation of the 14th Amendment.

Trump admitted that he has learned most of his “military analysis” by watching television.  (Chris Hansen used to ask, “Do you watch television” on his TCAP series, mentioned here Monday.)

Trump says he wants to make the country “rich” before it becomes prosperous (for average workers).


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