Sunday, August 16, 2015

CSI Cyber: "Click your Poison": when bogus adware on a computer can kill

Sunday night, August 16, 2015, “CSI Cyber” re-aired the episode “Click Your Poison”, which ran close to 80 minutes, like a feature film (longer than the slot listed in TV Guide for CBS).  Patricia Arquette is all business, just as in her films for David Lynch.

The episode is important in that it presented a scam in which a search engine entering vague terms of medical symptoms loads a website with “bait and switch” adware which sends the visitor to a site that sells fake pharmaceuticals.  They turn out to be dangerous, masking symptoms with oxycodone. 

The episode also included the idea of a mole within the cyber security unit, and poker-playing software.  In the end, a businessman finds his site taken down by a DDOS attack, and he was unaware that hackers (in Turkey) were using it to sell fake pharma.

One middleman is hired as an accomplice, and he collapses and nearly dies of his own disease when arrested.

Legal YouTube link ($1.99) is here


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