Friday, August 07, 2015

Fox News GOP presidential candidate debate has sharp edges

Fox News seems to have run what turned out to be a monumental debate of GOP candidates for president Thursday night, in Cleveland, Ohio.

The best link for multiple video clips seems to be here

Charles Krauthammer summarizes the best moments in one 5-minute clip.

Donald Trump caught the most obvious attention by saying he would not rule out running as a third party candidate.  Perot did that in 1992, and had he not pulled out for a while, he might have won!
Trump also said he wasn’t waging a war on women, but took a verbal shot at Rosie O’Donnell.

Scott Walker stuck to his pro-life position, insisting that there are ways to protect the lives of women other than abortion, apparently even when the pregnancy is involuntary (rape).  Walker seems will to make some people (women) do what they didn’t choose sometimes.

Chris Christie (remember his “I saw what I mean and mean what I say” from the Train “Bulletproof Picasso” video) sparred Rand Paul on the NSA phone metadata monitoring program.  But they talked past one another. Christie talked about his own direct experience with 9/11 and its victims.  Paul stuck to his line on warrant searches.

Marco Rubio said that he grew up in a family that went paycheck-to-paycheck.

There was little mention of Hillary, and little cutting off of remarks by the bell.


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