Monday, August 10, 2015

"The Whispers" plays games with the power grid, and biblical ideas of sacrifice

The episode “Darkest Fears” on ABC’s “The Whispers” tonight seemed to recreate the idea of Abraham’s sacrifice of an animal at the last moment in place of Isaac.  In this episode, the government considers sacrificing one kid to get rid of the electrical-energy alien “Drill”.

The government also shuts down power in progressive sections of Washington DC to isolate “Drill”.  Massive traffic jams lock up the city.  But this would have been much more interesting had the government knocked out everything with an EMP flux device, destroying all electronics.  But according to the “science” of this series, that is logically what it should have done, feeding all the right wing fears.
The series appears to have three more episodes to come (13 total).  More interesting than most, not as gripping as “The Event” or “Flash Forward”, for me at least.  I'm reminded of a 50s horror film "Kronos". 
Picture: Artwork near the harbor in downtown Boston at night. 


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