Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ABC "Millionaire" presents unusually gifted college students this week; others with unusual accomplishments (like a volunteer surgical nursing assistant)

The “Off to College” series this week on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” continued today with Colin Yost, a valedictorian from a high school in Portsmouth NH, headed for Princeton University.
What was unusual was that paired his valedictory with a flash mob act that parodied Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”.  One of the videos got over 2 million hits, the longer one, 150000.  He calls himself “the undercover nerd”.
Yost says he wants to go to medical school and become a heart surgeon (not an oncologist) but the parallel to Jack Andraka at Stanford is interesting  But he also had an unusual project, first observing heart surgeons and then volunteering as a nurse’s assistant.  I wasn’t aware this was even possible without at least being in nursing or medical school already.  It sounds demanding, to say the least.
Either Jack or Colin (or both) could be Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s physician ten years from now.


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