Sunday, September 27, 2015

ABC's "Quantico": An FBI class plays Trump, with a flash forward to a major terror attack

ABC’s new series “Quantico” takes the Trump-style reality contests into fiction.
I don’t know if the FBI Academy at Quantico VA (30 miles south of Washington) weeds out one recruit a day, but the series starts when each recruit (in a class built on diversity) is told by their teacher (Aunjanue Ellis) to find a deeply redacted secret about a fellow classmate within the first day or go home.  Polygraphs are used.

One of the candidates, a conservative gay “Jew” from New York, is told that homosexuality doesn’t count as a secret anymore.  (The FBI accepted gay recruits long before the military DADT was ended, although there is Frank Buttino’s book “A Special Agent” from the 1990s).

The media has hyped the role of Priyanka Chopra’s character Alex Parrish, as well as the Mormon boy (Brian Smith), and a devout Muslim (Yamine al Massri). 

The Pilot (titled “Run”) uses a plot device from “Flash Forward”, to show a terror attack in New York in the future, where at least one candidate is involved.  So who is he or she?

Here is ABC’s official site, link 

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