Tuesday, September 01, 2015

ABC's "The Whispers": When the grownups "go up" the game is over

ABC’s “The Whispers” came to a curious close with Episode 13, “Game Over” Monday night.  (That’s what you say when you get the final out and win a baseball game on the road.)
First, one of the kids most targeted by Drill is protected by a Faraday Cage (a military defense to an EMP attack that a civilian homeowner conceivably could build).  The aliens seem to be something like ball lightning, balls of plasma and energy. 

Soon the Pentagon sees “thousands of points of light” (as per the first George Bush) in the sky.  It tries some sort of flux device to disable the invading aliens, which seem to be riding in on meteorites.

The kids all go out into a field, and the grownups, the parents, all run out, and displace them to save the young.  So a lot of grownups wind up “going up” (like that jogger near Lander, Wyoming in 1997) and getting abducted instead.

So the ending of the series seems to invite a sequel.  What was the aliens’ home planet like?

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