Thursday, September 10, 2015

CBS brings down "The Dome" a bit early, and what's left looks more like the North Carolina coast than Maine's.

It appears that CBS concluded it’s “Under the Dome” series, as an increasingly loose adaptation of Stephen King’s 2009 novel, with a finale called “The Enemy Within”.   The town will have a “new queen”, born under the Dome just before the end.

In some departure from the book, an “experiment” surrounding the complex 1980’s alien artefact (after a fatal fight) creates a chain reaction that brings down the “calcified” Dome.  In another scene, we see some characters “go up” (just as in “Whispers”).

The government has the typical duty to hide the extraterrestrial truth. In one scene, an Army general is advising a young man to sign a “confidentiality agreement”. The camera focuses on the young man’s arms, which suddenly become hairier as the face transforms into an older character.

Then it seems that some of the characters in the “morgue” survived after all.  In the final scene, what looks like a female alien is supervising some boys at play near one of the alien “eggs”. The fact that the series was shot near Wilmington NC is shown by a palmetto in the scene, out of place in Maine.
It’s already been reported that CBS canceled the series, as of the end of this season.  That’s a problem with taking a novel and trying to make an open-ended series, which varies from the book.  Authors sometimes have little control of what happens to the integrity of their work after it is adapted. One reason that this novel is serialized is the huge number of well-developed character with complicated back stories (some reaching back to the earlier hidden 1980’s alien contact).  I wonder what will happen with Clive Barkers “Imajica”, with its comparably sized list of characters (and doppelgangers).

Yes, this series reminds me of "The Truman Show". 

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