Thursday, September 17, 2015

GOP 2nd Debate at Reagan library underwhelms, if long; "vaccine debate" was out-of-order

I have to admit, I was on the road during the GOP debates, and I wasn’t prepared for the bottom of the ninth. That is, I never found a station playing the debates on my car radio while on the Interstate.  I caught a glimpse of the debates at a service plaza, next to ESPN baseball, which most visitors would rather see.

ABC News has a story on the seven most important changes – that is, in a “World According to Garp” point of view, link here

It seems as though Trump’s sound bites are wearing thin. I think there is something scary about someone obsessed with calling out individual people as “losers” (not just Rosie O’Donnell or even Omarosa) being in office. It's hard to imagine what he will think about the Syrian refugees (or it isn't hard).
Yet, no one else, except maybe former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, gained much.  There is something to be said for having someone who knows the world of Mark Zuckerberg (who is too young) and me (who is too introverted) – in fact, her business knowledge covers the world before the Internet (including EDS, which HP acquired), when technology project management was more “classical”.  Only Fiorina would understand Jack Andraka's idea of revolutionizing health care by teaching programmers how to "code DNA" and implement nanobots. 
Jeb Bush won’t be able to shake the taint of his participation in the 2007 Florida real estate 
meltdown.  Rubio is charismatic, young, and maybe more reasonable. My own choice would be Rand Paul, a "leave you alone kind of guy". 

But all the candidates need to get off the one-liner of ending Obamacare and propose something that will cover everyone.  Even Trump says we have to take care of our sick.  (By the way, real estate and startup business consultant Barbara Corcoran discussed her litigation against Trump tonight on “Access Hollywood”.)

Imagine an all female presidential race in 2016: Fiorina v. Clinton.  
There was something sickening about the vaccine issue coming up.  Trump acts like he believes vaccines really cause autism, and plays on some parental fears. Even Carson said vaccines should be spread out – but reputable medical sources maintain this is not so.  Check out ABC’s sublink on the vaccine debate.

On Thursday, Trump spoke in New Hampshire, and didn't deal with a stupid question about Obama's being a Muslim (which an amazing number of ["stupid"] "white people" believe).  Andersoon Cooper said Trump is afraid to contradict anyone in the audience (except a known opponent, who "wasn't called on"). 

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