Wednesday, September 02, 2015

"Murder on Cape Cod: Who Shot Shirley Reine?" on CNN

Murder on Cape Cod: Who Shot Shirley Reine?” aired on Wednesday night (one hour) on CNN, link here  and here  (Danielle Sloane).

This is an unsolved murder mystery of the shooting of Shirley outside her home in a garage in May 2005 in Falmouth. MA. She was married to Melvin Reine, who had controlled a family trash-hauling business in the southern part of Cape Cod.  He had a controversial history with crime.

Reine would be committed into assisted living involuntarily when he developed dementia.  The ability of family to do that with the court system would itself be controversial (I could speak from my own experience).  What’s more interesting is that step-children had been cut out of his will, setting off a complicated chain of events including a burglary of paperwork in late 2002.  Family inheritance battles can always involve touchy questions.

John Rams was acquitted of the murder, but pleaded guilty to the burglary for “Todd”. 
I drove through some of the nearby area in early August on Route 6, on the way to Provincetown.

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