Sunday, September 13, 2015

NBC Today visits Glacier National Park, Montana (and the ice rivers are shrinking fast)

Sunday morning, NBC Today show aired a report on Glacier National Park in Montana, in a segment called “Harry’s Travels”. 
The focus of the report was on the rapid melting of glaciers, which are shrinking and becoming filled with debris.  In ten years, some of the glaciers will be gone.
There was one hiking trail which looked out directly over a 2000 foot cliff.  But the highest elevation in the park is less than 11000 feet.
I tried to visit the area in May 1981 and found the “Going to the Sun” highway still closed by snow, but probably wouldn’t happen now.
Wikipedia attribution link for p.d. photo by Lindsey Bingston, showing a Grinell Glacier in 2009.  There are comparative photos going back to 1938.

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