Friday, September 04, 2015

"Pope Francis and the People": ABC 20-20 with David Muir conducts Internet town hall from the Vatican

Pope Francis and the People”, moderated by David Muir aired on ABC 20-20 Friday evening. The main link is here.

David Muir set up a town hall from the Vatican where Catholic congregations from Los Angeles, Chicago, and McAllen TX could ask questions.  

The Pope lives in a simple apartment rather than the traditional residence, and encourages humility among the cardinals. He does not own a computer or use a cell phone, but he does have a twitter account.  

One question was, “How can I help those in need when I am in need?”  

Muir asks, “do you have a message for the people of the United States”, and he says, “A big Hello.”  
A girl from Chicago asks about bullying. She also sung a rosary solo without accompaniment. 
A single mother was told to find comfort that she had courageously allowed her children to come into the world instead of having abortion.  This did not come across well.  

But then it got really interesting from a moral perspective, at least in my mindset. In McAllen a 17-year-old told about supporting his family and siblings with his father ill. The Pope referred to this is “his family” even though he had not himself caused the children to be brought into the world.   The Pope said “No one can say this is as far as my responsibility goes. We are all responsible for everyone. “  But then a libertarian would say, no one is responsible for anyone.  

Then a girl told of her journey from El Salvador.  

Then Muir visits the locations in New York, Philadelphia and Washington that the Pope will visit this month (September, 2015). The Pope will be the first to address a joint session of Congress.  Expect him to hit inequality.  

The parting message: “I pray for you all, and please pray for me.”

At one point, the Pope said it still was not up to him to judge those who are gay and lesbian. 

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