Saturday, October 10, 2015

ABC 20-20: Murder in Tennessee mountains, and Facebook "catfishing" in episode called "#Unfriended"

Facebook doesn’t seem to be able to enforce its “real ID” policy all the time, as catfishing happens.

ABC 20-20 on Friday told the bizarre story of a Facebook feud gone wrong in an episode called “#Unfriended”.

The subject was Jenelle Potter, who had Type 1 diabetes and lived at home in Mountain City, TN.
The ABC complete story on the episode is here

When Jenelle finally found a boyfriend, the Facebook battle erupted, and eventually the rivals were found murdered in 2010.

The bizarre story that follows includes “Catfishing” where it seems Jenelle concocted a fictitious CIA agent named “Chris.” The scheme fooled her mother Barbara.

Evetually, Jenelle and Barbara were convicted for their part in planning the murder, based on circumstantial evidence (which reminds one now of the Charles Severance case in Virginia).

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