Friday, October 02, 2015

ABC 20-20: "Secrets of the Sale", especially for Mary Kay cosmetics and multi-level marketing

ABC 20-20 tonight offered a one-hour “Secrets of the Sale”, about sales culture and salesmanship in business.
Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary gives his five secrets here  no surprises.
Much of the episode focused on one multi-level marketing company, Mary Kay Cosmetics in Dallas – known for the pink cadillacs.  Sales people (usually women) can make big money if they can recruit enough distributors underneath them.  Like any pyramid, the lower levels may wind up with a lot of product in the basement. Multi-level marketing has a bad rap, like here

I can remember listening to a pitch for Amway in a New Jersey home back in 1970.
I can say that I personally am not cut out “psychologically” for this kind of endeavor, as I don’t like to recruit people or pimp other people’s products.  I like “objectivity”. The 2002 comedy movie "100 Mile Rule" made fun of this world.

But people often find this sort of opportunity can have enormous practical significance, if they have heavy family responsibilities and need to increase income, since salaries in conventional jobs have not grown well with the economy. 

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