Thursday, October 29, 2015

Josh Hartnett (Minnesota born actor) interview shown on NBC4 in Washington

Cat Greenleaf interviewed actor Josh Hartnett on NBCWashington, apparently sitting in front of a NYC brownstone, with his dog. Subject: "Growing up famous".

Hartnett now starts in the Showtime series “Penny Dreadful”, a series based on British Victorian-era “Pulp Fiction”.

I met him at an IFPMSP function when I was living in Minneapolis.  Sometimes he came to functions at Bryant Lake Bowl (half incognito) on Lake Street in the city’s Uptown area.  I think he would remember me (and what my books are about).

I first saw him appear in the film “Halloween H20” in 1998, when he was 20, graduated from high school in St. Paul MN.  I’ve seen him in “Virgin Suicides”, “Black Hawk Down” and especially his breakout role “Pearl Harbor” in 2001. Also favorites of mine were "Wicker Park" (in Chicago, maybe for Cubs fans), "The Black Dahlia" and "30 Days of Night" (the latter near the North Pole, with a bizarre ending).

According to Wikipedia Hartnett has been involved in Democratic Party activism, with some emphasis on climate change and green issues.

I’ll have to check this Showtime series soon, which can be watched on Hulu.

Picture: Uptown area of Minneapolis, across street from Bar Abilene, near Landmark Lagoon and Uptown, 2011 (my re-visit).

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