Saturday, November 21, 2015

ABC 20-20: Donald Trump and family are deposed by Barbara Walters

Friday night. ABC News 20-20 presented “Donald Trump: The Presidential Candidate: Part I” with Barbara Walters, major link here.

The episode tended to focus on Trump’s family, especially his adult sons and daughter, and their loyalty to his work ethic.

The show de-emphasized the bellicosity of some of his speeches during the candidacy.  However, recently Trump has said that the idea of a database for Muslims came from a reporter’s mouth, not his.  He talked about “good management”.

He was asked about the refugee issue.  Trump seems to feel that it is impossible to screen new refugees adequately now, ironically and tragically because their homelands were destroyed. Trump did not accept the idea of accepting only “Christian” refugees.

The show also gave some family history, of how Trump’s father gave him a real head start in the real estate business.

It is true that the hype over his “You’re fired” trademark got a bit overdone during his reign on “The Apprentice” and the “Boardroom” (which was set up).  He did have a number of outstanding candidates over the years (including Omarosa).   Candidates actually lived in a hotel that he provided during seasons. The show has tended to migrate toward Celebrity Apprentice for charity, and Shark Tank on ABC.  I wonder how Trump would react to the life histories and careers of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, and maybe now Taylor Wilson.

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