Tuesday, November 03, 2015

CNN airs "Bush v. Gore: The Endless Election" to honor the 15th anniversary of the circus in Florida

Monday night, CNN Presents aired “Bush v. Gore: The Endless Election”, best link here.
I was in a bar in St. Paul MN at an event hosted by the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, watching it, seeing Florida called for Gore.  I didn’t hear that the call had been retracted until I left, as the I drove to another party in Eden Prairie, and heard the news on my car radio as I stopped at a railroad crossing and as it started to snow.

Then, for days, CNN focused only on the 2000 election (15 years ago) and all the goings-on in Florida (I seem to recall Bill Hemmer).  Other events, like the USS Cole bombing (a precursor to 9/11) were slighted.

A coworker pulled up the Butterfly Ballot online to show it wasn’t confusing.  But it could have been troublesome for the disabled.  And it had been designed by Democrats. (No wonder John Sayles made a movie called "Sunshine State".)

We will never know what would have happened it the counting had continued.  It’s not certain by any means that Gore would have won, but he might have.  (There is a lot of coverage in the CNN documentary of retracted concessions on both sides.)  And personally, I think a Gore administration would have been more capable of intercepting 9/11 before it actually happened.  The Clinton administration had caught a West Coast plot at Y2K.

And I do remember the evening that Bush v. Gore was decided by the Supreme Court, rather lawlessly.

The moral, to win an election legitimately, you need a landslide, a blowout, at least three touchdowns (or at least five runs).

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