Wednesday, November 04, 2015

"Life on Mars: The Amazing Rovers" aired on NatGeo, and disappeared

On Sunday, Nov. 1, National Geographic aired a new episode “Life on Mars: The Amazing Rovers”.  For some reason, the video link no longer works.
Wikipedia has an interesting comparison on the “careers” of both Opportunity (still active) and Spirit (which “died” in 2011), here

 Opportunity has lasted much longer than expected.

The one hour episode presented commentary by Stephen Squyres and “driver” Scott Maxwell.

The lives of the robotic rovers were extended by carefully placing them to get maximum solar power, and to rest them in winter when sunlight was weak.  A day on Mars is called a “Sol”.

NatGeo has some slightly older footage of the rovers on YouTube.

Mars is a lonely place with a uniform general landscape, but with the highest mountains and deepest and longest canyons in the Solar System.

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