Monday, November 09, 2015

So "The Donald" has nothing better to do than host SNL?

So Donald Trump gets great ratings on an SNL show nobody liked? Link   And he hosts it because he has nothing better to do?  And he holds no grudges except for Rosie O’Donnel (and Omarosa.

I had forgotten he had hosted it in 2004.

So how are we going in Syria?

It seemed as if the comments about race in the audience might seem over the top now, given what has happened today in Missouri.

Given the furor (in 2005) over the idea that “blogging” could amount to untrackable political contributions (that died down), why isn’t it a “problem” for a candidate to appear on a network comedy show?

If someone I know personally gets to host SNL, how easily could I get tickets?  Remember Taylor Lautner hosted it before his 18th birthday, and Shia did it when he was 20. 

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