Thursday, November 05, 2015

"The Player": well, there is a dealer and a pit boss, too, as the rich gamble on crime plots

The Player” (created by John Rogers and John Fox) is a somewhat underwhelming crime series on NBC, whose name lies in the shadow of the famous 1992 Robert Altman movie, a meta-plot involving murder among screenwriters.

The shell around the plot is that the “rich” place cynical bets on the chances that certain crime plots will succeed.  Alex Kane (Philip Winchester) is “The Player”, whereas Cassandra King (Charity Whitfield) is the “dealer” and Isaiah Johnson (Wesley Snipes) is the “pit boss” claiming to be undercover FBI.

The episode tonight was “A House Is Not a Home” and moves to Chicago.  It involves a terror plot where a woman is set up as a “suicide bomber” in an elevator, and is rescued by Kane, who throws her out of the elevator and then dives away from the explosion.  Later a home is detonated as Kane is the target.

The official site is here.

The series has not done particularly well, as the concept seems rather too clever and artificial.

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