Sunday, November 01, 2015

"Troublemaker": Leah Remini explains her severance from Scientology on 20-20

Troublemaker:  Surviving Hollywood and Scientology” is a new book by Leah Remini, and also an episode Friday Oct. 30 on ABC 20-20. Dan Harris hosted and interviewed her, along with  David Muir, Elizabeth Vargas.

ABC’s video link for the show (requires cable subscription) is here.

In the early part of the interview she explained her exposure to Scientology as a little girl.  The religion was supposed to “free mankind” (to move up “The Bridge to Total Freedom”) and requires quick maturation of children.  She was encouraged to join Sea Org.  She signed a “contract” and became a “resident” in somewhat military-like conditions.  Scientology believes in reincarnation, and that contracts cover reincarnations.

The documentary showed a sample “auditing” session.   I recall passing an outdoor auditing booth near the Ballston Metro in Arlington VA about eight years ago.

Later in life, Remini moves from Florida, where she was brought up in the church, to Hollywood and eventually leaves the church.

There is a detailed history of her career, ties to Tom Cruise (including his wedding) and separation from the church here  and it isn’t easy to leave without strings attached.  The church does not appreciate being characterized, even by opinion, as a "cult". Forbes goes into more detail than the 20-20 episode on the disappearance of Shelly Miscaiage

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