Friday, December 18, 2015

ABC 20-20: "Escaping ISIS": American couple arranges evacuation of Christians from Iraq under siege

ABC 20-20 Friday night presented “Escaping ISIS”, how Joseph and Michele Assad, two Americans from California with Joseph a former CIA person, helped arrange for at least 149 Christian refugees to leave Irbil, Iraq for a town, Kosice. in Croatia in a daring refugee evacuation.  Elizabeth Vargas results, with the main detailed story here including video. The operation has been called an "exodus".

The evacuation was complicated by Russian airstrikes against ISIS in northern Iraq.

The broadcast also showed the destruction of Christian churches by ISIS in Iraq.  The refugees had been staying in a Catholic church after being driven out of Qaraqosh by ISIS invaders, which had given then 24 hours to “convert” to Islam or be slain.

Their evacuation was also complicated by the aftermath of the attacks in Paris, and the revelations that terrorists had hid among refugees.  Every refugee was carefully screened by Croatia.
The families will stay in barracks in Kosice for at least six weeks and are not allowed to cook.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of a canyon in northern Iraq’s Kurdistan by Jim Gordon, under Create Commons 2.0 Share-Alike license.

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