Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bernie Sanders attacks the moral basis of the GOP on "The View" today

On “The View” today, Bernie Sanders appeared.  He spoke for marriage equality (for gays) and for mandatory allowance of three months paid maternity leave for mothers (he probably would go along with paternity leave too, and not just for Mark Zuckerberg). He also characterized the GOP as having catered to the far right (possibly because of gerrymandering), and said that the GOP does not believe a woman has the right to control her own body at all times, and does not believe that men and women who do not reproduce or procreate in marital relationships are fully equal with those who do.

Earlier, the program played a clip of Ben Carson talking about abortion, implying repealing of “Roe v. Wade”. Carson was quoted as saying he is “reasonable” but he does not believe an unborn baby’s life should be taken even if the woman was impregnated by force
Whoopi Goldberg’s reaction was, how dare he!  The GOP seems perfectly OK with allowing rich women to have abortions out of sight.

By the way, the "View" website seems behind, having episodes archived only through Dec. 2, 2015.

There was a report on CNN anchor’s Poppy Harlow passing out during a broadcast.  This is said not to be uncommon during pregnancy.
It’s clear, when you talk about issues like abortion, or compelling employers to pay for leave, or “family values” for that matter, or inequality in many areas, there are times in a “free society” when perfect equality and perfect personal autonomy are logically impossible to achieve.  Today we tend to perceive moral compass as highly individualized whereas earlier generations considered the extended family and surrounding community (often faith-based) as a party affected by a person’s “choices”.  This tended to affect those who are “different” or “special” more than “average persons”.  So logic forces one to consider how one deals with unwelcome coercion from others as a moral issue unto itself.

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