Monday, December 07, 2015

"CNN Heroes" airs underneath a whale in a New York City museum; Anderson hugs a sloth

Sunday night, December 6, 2015, Anderson Cooper played host to the annual “CNN Heroes”, this time at the Museum of Natural History in New York City, with a huge whale hanging from the ceiling over the dinner tables.  The link is here.

The winner is Maggi Doyle, who was inspired by a visit to Nepal in 2006, torn by civil war, after college at young adultlhood.  She met one little girl and decided to stay and build a school, having asked her parents to wire her past babysitting money. The charity also provides homes for children in Nepal.

I’ll mention a few others that caught my attention.

Monique Pool runs Green Heritage Fund Suriname, which protects animals.  She was introduced by a sloth (“Snooki”) who hugged Anderson on stage.

Dr. Jim Withers (introduced by Zachary Quinto) in Pittsburgh goes out two or three nights a week dressed as a “bum” and provides medical care and personal attention to the homeless.  At one point, Withers says this can happen to anyone, and a lot of life is a matter of fortune and luck.  But most of “us” avoid interacting with people who seemed not to be in our world.  The link is here. His operation is called Operation Safety Net.

Sean Gobin runs Warrior Hikes, largely along the Appalachian Trail, for combat veterans.  The segment concluded with spectacular scenery on top of (the Knife Edge of) Mt. Katahdin, Maine, in Baxter State Park.  I visited the park in 1976 but climbed only as high as the lake, but did encounter a bear.

There was another person, a teen who organized kids to fix computers for low-income people, who I don’t see listed among the top ten.

Wikipedia attribution link for public domain image of Mt. Katahdin from the lake I reached; photo by TJ aka Teej.

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