Sunday, December 13, 2015

Zakaria, on his CNN GPS show, interviews rejected Syrian refugee and a New York writer who interviewed her

Today. Fareed Zakaria started his Global Public Square by responding to Donald Trump’s proposals by saying that he (Zakaria) was born a Muslim, but has led a secular life.

Zakaria presented writer Brandon Stanton, author of “Humans of New York” (St. Martins), which he supports with a detailed photography blog here.

Stanton interviews “random” people he meets and publishes their stories.  The blog is very popular and it makes me wonder about why I can’t get out of my own special narrative and deal more with “others”. The concept reminds me of Anthony Lacey’s “Dining with Strangers”.

Stanton and Zakaria presented a Syrian refugee, Aya, who, with her family, had fled Iraq to Syria and then to Turkey.  At age 20, she supports her family working as an interpreter. She had applied to come to the US and thought she would be accepted, when the family got a letter in the mail denying asylum for “other” reasons related to security. Stanton, almost in tears himself, explained that the government does not have to give much of a reason for denying issue.  He said many refugee families have one disabled members and many have one PhD. However, the question remains why Turkey would not be a satisfactory country for her family, as it is moderate, modern, and relatively stable.

Zakaria also showed a proposed Gondola system for Mexico.

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